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When I attended my first acting class in New York City, I started to spend all my time reading plays. The discovery that there was beautiful, raw, emotional text from Sam Shepherd to Shaw and everything in between gave me a new perspective on the craft. After those discoveries, my pursuit would be of Truth in depicting the human struggle.


Acting training took over my existence. Many classes, including the MFA program at The American Conservatory Theater, were a part of my life. I had to be the best actor I could be, but the training became an obsession. There was no end goal. There was no pursuit of a career. I needed to break away. 


So I did what any upstanding son does when they are trying to assuage their parents fears and went back to school. I found science courses to be enticing, and I enrolled in a Doctorate program for Physical Therapy. But my heart was never really in it. I had already known what it was to experience a true passion. I turned my sights back to my creative pursuits. Now, I am directing and producing a film I wrote and starred in called "Collab". Watch out for it in a film festival near you! 


- updated 10/21/19