acting portfolio of the nomadic entertainer company origin story

original Future Drifter


When Ethan Frank attended his first acting class in New York City, he started to spend all his time reading plays. The discovery of edgy playwrights like McDonagh, Shepard, and Marber gave this budding actor the motivation to showcase his weirdness on stage. Ethan never knew theatre could be so rugged and cool. He was hooked.


Acting training took over his existence, and he attended the MFA program at The American Conservatory Theater. Wanting to be the best, his training became an obsession. There was no end goal. There was no pursuit of a career. 

Ethan Frank had to take a break from acting and gain some friggin' perspective!


After several years off from the biz, Ethan realized his passion for acting and filmmaking could not be ignored. Now, he's back!


Build. Create. Take water breaks.

- updated by Ethan Frank in November, 2020. 

Ethan Frank the actor acting in The Rover
Ethan Frank the actor acting in Korczak's Children.jpg