Future Drifter


acting portfolio of the nomadic entertainer company origin story

When I attended my first acting class in New York City, I started to spend all my time reading plays. The discovery of Sam Shepherd's work gave me a new perspective on the craft. I never knew theatre could be so rugged and cool. I was hooked.


Acting training took over my existence, and I attended the MFA program at The American Conservatory Theater. Wanting to be the best, my training became an obsession. There was no end goal. There was no pursuit of a career. 

I had to take a break and gain some perspective!


I went back to school and geeked out on the sciences. Then, I did some soul-searching in Thailand. But I needed to come back. Acting is my calling. I decided to come full circle and return to it. Here I am...in L.A. Sammy Sheps would be proud.

- updated by Ethan Frank 8/5/20

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