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Future Drifter LABS
Producing voiceover reels for actors

Future Drifter LABS is an actor-centric experience run by Ethan Frank.

Artistically, Ethan has an extensive background as an actor in the entertainment industry. His craft was showcased as one of the ACT 8 in the famed American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. He has performed in several films and trained with esteemed professional coaches in New York City.


The extent of his production work as an engineer is vast, as well. With a background from the film school at the University of Colorado and the audio production program at Belmont University, his editing skills are top notch. Ethan even recorded a rock band in the historic RCA Studio B in Nashville.

Nuances understood

A state-of-the-art studio

The studio houses streamlined premium tech curated for the efficient needs of producing voiceover reels. Ethan Frank has upwards of 3,000 sound effects from Sony, some of which can be found utilized in recordings for Future Drifter Stories. Feel free to listen for yourself to his sound design and editing prevalent in the Future Drifter Stories podcasts on any of your favorite podcasting platforms.

DJ Producing Music

Ethan Frank's Editing

Singer Recording a Song



Top-tier Shure Microphones

Music Equipment

over 3,000 sound effects

Beach Dock

Located in Santa Monica

Record Song In Studio

Vocal isolation technology

Summer '24

An actor-centric experience

Located in the heart of Santa Monica, the goal of the Future Drifter LABS Intensive is to enhance an actor's vocal instrument and acting tools in preparation for the resulting voiceover reel production. The California-based classes are a weekend intensive. The custom voiceover session occurs the following week for each actor participating in the classes.

Each and every actor has something unique to offer the craft of voiceover acting. Copy writing is part of the service we provide to tailor the material to your voice.

The Future Drifter LABS experience is capped at 14 participants and is in-person only. In 2024, Future Drifter LABS has partnered with Max Hambleton to lead the classes. Throughout the following week, voiceover reel sessions will be booked with Ethan Frank, and he will produce your reel.

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Messaging Ethan Frank

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